Sedan muslim

Muslims in sweden have applied for permission to broadcast the call to prayer, claiming the move would boost community self-esteem. The muslim brotherhood in sweden this spring's turbulence around former minister of housing, mehmet kaplan and. Sweden’s decision to start rejecting asylum seekers from the middle east will be of little consolation to its law enforcement community — officers say surging crime has already overwhelmed their resources sign up for free news alerts from wndcom, america’s independent news network muslim.

Muslims are a relatively small minority in europe, making up roughly 5% of the population however, in some countries, such as france and sweden, the muslim share of the population is higher and, in the coming decades, the muslim share of the continent’s population is expected to grow – and. How can the answer be improved. Church to take down crosses for muslims' sake, symptom of sweden's open-door immigration policy causing irreparable damage.

The swedish publication nyheteridag says that the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for muslim migrants.

In the area of husby in stockholm sweden, about 200 armed muslims carried out a well-planned riot that burned hundreds of cars and buildings the main group behind the riots, megafonen, received city funding as a ‘youth activist group. Muslim immigrants from north africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than swedish men. How do swedes feel about having so many muslims that's how we feel about having so many muslims the majority of asylum seekers in sweden are muslim. A nationalist politician in sweden was forced to resign on monday after declaring that muslims are the opposite of humans on one end of the scale you are 100 percent human, a person, everything that’s part of that concept at the other end, you are 100 percent mohammedan, martin strid, a.

Muslim criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by swedish police, which mapped out the areas law enforcement ha. From escaping iran through the mountains as a muslim refugee, to surviving domestic abuse and months in turkey’s terrifying agri prison, to carving out a life in europe, annahita parsan’s life story is the stuff of a hollywood movie. Sweden’s famous ‘welfare state’ has attracted hordes of muslim immigrants from third world countries and native swedes are getting sick of paying their way and getting nothing but soaring rape and crime rates in return for their famous swedish hospitality.

Sedan muslim
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